2020-07-24 Hydrogen Electrolyzers Planned For Europe



<< Even green hydrogen, which is in its infancy today, could overtake new hydro capacity in Europe over the coming decade. This month, the European Union set a target of 40 gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity by 2030, up from 250 megawatts today. >>

[The US should be planning at least that much.]

<< Still, Andrews cautioned that hydropower’s natural advantages may dim as technologies such as green hydrogen begin to mature.

Hydrogen is “a fuel which can be used over multiple vectors: to power cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes [and] to blend into existing gas networks to meet peak winter heat demand, as well as to convert back into power.”

“Hydrogen can also be transported both within countries and internationally,” Andrews added. “This international dimension gives the hydrogen economy an additional cachet which even innovative pumped hydro solutions will struggle to match.” >>

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