2020-07-17 Social Media Censors Government

My reply to this commentary


This author seems to believe that the social media are censoring mostly the conservative Right. I don’t understand how the conservatives think they’re being singled out. The social media have rules that apply equally to anyone, not just the conservatives. The social media use artificial intelligence algorithms to filter the billions of messages that are posted every day. The algorithms don’t know whether your messages are conservative or liberal — the algorithms just know the messages are violating the rules.

This author believes the social media are “censoring” this author’s messages. First off, the author agreed to obey the Terms Of Use when he uses the social media. If the author doesn’t agree with the ToU, then the author can stop using the social media.

What amazes me is that the author believes he has the right to “free speech” on social media. The social media is not obligated to give anyone the right to free speech. Free speech is the right to speak out without fear the government will come after you. The free speech doesn’t apply to private business. There is nothing that says that the social media has to allow you to say anything.

Here is a quote

<< It is nothing short of remarkable that a private company in 2020 would so openly discuss establishing official “state use of force” guidelines for the U.S. government and that it could prohibit posts by officials that propose or announce law enforcement action the firm finds objectionable. >>

What I find mind boggling is that the author thinks that a ‘private company’ should have to be held to standards to which the US government must be held. The ‘private company’ is *not* the US government.

The conservatives are the ones who are constantly advocating that government keep their hands off private businesses. Why does the author think he has the right to dictate how private businesses should conform to government standards?

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