2018-09-01 Stop Plagiarizing And Be Self-sufficient

From FB group Arduino projects, 2018-09-01

Attilio Volpe
This group is moderated and if you cause problems, you can be banned. But on Usenet newsgroups, where all this ‘social media’ stuff started decades ago, the groups were not moderated. If you made a mistake, you had hundreds of replies telling you to Shut the F*** up! So you had to not make that mistake again!

The first thing you learned is to *never* ask someone else for their intellectual property, such as program code, diagrams or schematics, etc. You were expected to be able to understand what you were told to do! If the person said “I fixed the problem by doing this”, you were expected to understand and *learn on your own* to fix that problem! You were expected to be self-sufficient and be able to wipe your own ass, not expect to have someone else wipe it for you! If you asked for a program, you would be shunned by everyone else, and if you ever asked for help again, you would be ignored.

But that’s not how these “students” act nowadays. They expect you to hold their hand and never let go until the project is working, and they have contributed almost nothing of their own. Except their constant whining that their code does not compile or run or do what they expect it to do. These are the followers, who will never be leaders and help advance technology.

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