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2021-07-10 SMES Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage

Bill Sherman told me about SMES which has already been put into use commercially. One of the concerns is how much energy is wasted to keep the magnets cryogenically cold. Another cost concern is the superconducting coil has to be made of a material that contains very expensive rare metals.

2021-07-09 Hydrogen Can Do What Batteries can’t do

From FB group Heinz Baumann Your chart fails to show the whole picture. The chart doesn’t show that the renewables can’t supply the total electricity demand until the 20 to 35% capacity factor is accounted for by building 3 or more times the solar or wind that is needed. During the winter due to less

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2021-07-09 Resilient Grid Proposed For Surging Power Demand

This article is about the proposal to build distribution and transmission infrastructure to allow renewables to get to the consumers. But it’s obvious that the electric utilities are promoting this because the utilities are afraid that rooftop solar will take away the utilities’ control of where the electricity comes from. The rooftop solar plus battery

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2021-06-30 New 142 Megapacks Near Oxnard

Saticoy facility replaces gas peaker plant. There are huge solar and wind farms east of this facility, in Tehachapi. They got rid of a fossil fuel plant.

2021-06-23 Glass Fiber & Concrete Flywheel For Storage

This French company uses glass fiber reinforced flywheels for energy storage instead of steel. Quote: << Gennesseaux went on to say. “We are around 10 grams of CO2 per kWh, while lithium-ion batteries are around 40g CO2/kWh, at the same level as steel flywheels.”>> Initially the flywheel will store 10 kWh. It’s buried underground. Steel

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2021-06-22 How Much Land To Power US?

This article gives an excellent idea of the amount of land to power all of the US using solar panels. Note that the 20,000 sq. mi figure is revised to 10,000 sq. mi or a 100 by 100 mile square that would easily fit in the Mojave Desert, assuming rooftop solar was on most homes.

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2021-06-15 Future Hydrogen in Europe and Australia

The rest of the world is planning on building hydrogen generation infrastructure for replacing fossil fuels. This is an interesting article about plans in Europe and Australia.

2021-06-01 Hydrogen Electrolyzer For Quebec

I’m hopeful that more of these green hydrogen electrolyzer systems are going to be installed. The hydrogen is accomplishing more than one thing. The electrolyzers are putting to good use the excess renewables power that would otherwise be wasted. The green hydrogen is, of course, being used to replace fossil fuels, and thus reducing CO2

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2021-05-30 Rooftop Solar+Batteries Make A Clean Grid Vastly More Affordable

This article (or video) has some good graphs for future distributed PV plus batteries. A map of generation sources in the US.


2021-05-25 Solar, Wind + Batteries Are The Cheapest

This YouTube video from Tony Seba of RethinkX shows the incredible cost reductions that have been and will be made to the cost of solar, wind plus battery storage. “SWB100” is his acronym for 100% solar, wind plus battery storage. Seba states that SWB100 will be so low, per kWh, that it costs less than

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