2022-06-16 China Is The Biggest GHG Producer

Brian Henry
I think you’re implying that China is irresponsible when it comes to ending the burning of fossil fuels.

Let me remind you that many if not most of the devices you use in your life were made in China. People here criticise lithium batteries as violating human rights because the cobalt may have been mined with child and/or slave labor. But these same people still use their mobile devices with that same cobalt.

Likewise, you criticise China for burning coal, oil or gas. Yet you continue to buy goods made in China! That’s hypocritical! I admit I use Chinese goods, but I try to minimize the new Chinese goods I buy. If you want to reduce or end Chinese burning of fossil fuels, it’s up to you to stop buying chinese goods. Otherwise you’re being as hypocritical as everyone else.

BTW China is #1 in population, so it’s no wonder why they have the biggest carbon footprint.

Why is China’s power generation capacity so huge? Go pick up something you own and look at it to find where it was made. Chances are that it was made in China. And you’re holding in your hand the reason why China is the biggest producer of GHGs – you’re just as guilty of putting Greenhouse Gasses into the atmosphere as the Chinese are!

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