2022-04-12 Adapting to Sea Level Rise Will Be Extremely Expensive

He really made me very angry when he said, “”… because there is SIMPLY NO WAY we can carbon capture our way out of fossil fuel dependence.””

I just watched the video on PBS called Forever Wild. A town in Colorado was given 90 days to raise $50 million to rescue the valley floor from a rich developer. And they went beyond all odds, to extreme lengths. The local people mortgaged their homes, begged and borrowed to make it happen. But even then the SOBs tried to stop them in court, but lost.

My point is, given the right circumstances, desperate people can do amazing things. And believe it, people *will* become very desperate and do amazing things when they find that their lives are threatened by eminent disaster!

He claimed “” the potential impact is WAY too small and it is WAY too expensive.””

It has been said that the costs of adapting to climate change will be much greater than the costs of mitigating it. Compare the cost of building thousands of carbon capture systems to the much, much greater costs of **relocating whole cities** due to coastal flooding caused by sea level rise!! People will then understand how trivial a trillion dollars is for thousands of carbon capture systems!

So this pundit has *no business* telling anyone what people cannot do. Period!

I totally agree with the claim he said, “the only way we will prevent catastrophic climate change is to stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.””

The title of his video is

“”The rotten core of the new IPCC report””

and from what I understood him to say is that he believes the report says it will be okay if the world keeps burning fossil fuels if they build a lot of carbon capture systems. But from other information I’ve read, ending fossil fuel use will not be enough to stop the global warming. Carbon capture must be used to go from net zero to net negative to keep from overshooting even 2 degrees C.

There is also a lack of seriousness in his video. I consider that unnecessary. I believe that the fate of the Earth is too serious to joke about.


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