2021-11-25 CNN Fake News, Echo Chambers

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Natan Stevéns
Why is it that everyone thinks I watch CNN? I don’t have cable TV!

You criticize people for watching CNN. But tell us what we should be watching. Most critics are afraid to say what they use for their newsmedia. I think most of them are imprisoned in the echo chambers of social media. They pat each other on the back and agree that CNN and other “Mainstream media” are fake news. You seem to fit into that category. They never leave their echo chamber to have an intelligent discussion with those who disagree.

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Natan Stevéns
Please give me permission to use your reply to investigate your claims and see what all this means. You said, “Faucisms”, I’ve not heard of this preposterous term.

You said, “… Because there is no evidence proving the 2020 election was legitimate.”
That’s false logic. It is not necessary for the government to prove their policies and procedures are ‘legitimate’ because they are sanctioned by the government(s). It *is* necessary for you or others to bring forth proof of how the government mishandled the election. Trump’s lawyers were given those 60 plus chances in court and they *lost* every one. That makes your “tons of people and evidence” a false claim. Those lawyers claimed that Dominion Voting machines were cheating. (Continued next reply)

Natan Stevéns
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The votes counted by Dominion machines were recounted manually and confirmed as correct.

So Dominion sued Fox News and Trump’s lawyers for 2 plus billion dollars and they recanted their claims. Now they claimed they were “only kidding”.

You said, “We know coronavirus was implemented to exploit mail-in ballots and such.”

So who ‘implemented’ the virus? A virus lab in Wuhan, China? How do you conclude that China wanted to “exploit mail-in ballots”?

Natan Stevéns
(Continued from second reply)
You said, “We know anything on Facebook and social media giants is being controlled too, so you will not be seeing anything regarding the real corruption within these avenues.”

Absolutely. The social media ‘giants’ have deleted false information and suspended the Big Liar, Trump due to the big lie he continues to promote.
So, like you say, “you will not see anything regarding the real corruption within” the Trumplicans and their false narratives. They will have to go to some underground social media like 8chan to pat each other on the back and agree that they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

Remember this: “History is written by the victors.” You may believe your false narratives to the day you die. But it won’t change history. History says Trump didn’t win.

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