2021-11-21 CCS Should’ve Been Wind & Solar

CT article says the CCS – carbon capture and storage – would have been better spent on solar and wind.


Most of the CCS CO2 is being pumped back into the ground to do EOR – enhanced oil recovery. So the CCS is actually causing more fossil fuels to be recovered and burned and in turn creating more CO2.

Darrel Henschell Said, “Best carbon capture facility in World emits 25 times more CO2 than sequestered”

This is a prime example of reducing the claim to the point of absurdity. It has been reduced to the point where it has deceived the reader into believing that the carbon capture facility is emitting huge amounts of CO2. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a result, the commenter bad mouths CCS – carbon capture and storage. This false impression that CCS is bad causes the reader to falsely assume that it’s the fault of CCS. It’s not!

CCS is being misused by Big Oil to allow them to get away without paying carbon credits. CCS is a tool that is being misused.

What the world requires is to have a huge amount of CCS that *reduces* the 417 PPM of CO2 in the air. Without this, it is causing the Earth to suffer global warming. We cannot use CCS to avoid putting more CO2 into the air! We must use CCS to actually reduce what is already in the air.

The alternative to CCS is afforestation/reforestation. But studies say it will require hundreds of billions of new trees to reduce the CO2 in the air. Even then it will take decades for the new forests to remove CO2 from the air. We do not have decades! The CO2 reduction must be begun immediately.

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