2021-10-17 Solar Floats For Floating PV

I was thinking about a design for floats to assemble together to make a floating solar PV array. These floats would be connected together to make a long carrier for multiple PV panels. The floats would have a channel to carry cabling and cable splices. There would be holes to loop ropes through to tie the floats together in a square array.

It would be preferable if the floats were made from recycled plastic waste. Some playground equipment and park benches are made from recycled plastic such as milk bottles, so the same materials can be used for the floats.

The floats would be hollow so they can support the panels. The insides of the floats might be filled with styrofoam or packing particles to prevent sinking in case water got in. The plastic would have to be UV resistant to withstand the sun exposure.


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