2021-09-22 Climate For Change

Originally published in UAW 862 Online Magazine.

<< Climate For Change

By Bruce Cash

If your husband or son was accused of fathering a child, would you accept the results of a DNA test? Courts do, as well as most people. However, many Americans refuse to accept the science on Climate. Most people are not experts in either subject, so other than politics, why does a large portion of the population believe climate change is a hoax while DNA evidence is the gospel truth?

In 1859, scientist John Tyndall discovered carbon dioxide traps heat. Since before then, we have burned fossil fuels with abandon. Why would one not think we are warming the planet? And if one believes it’s due to natural causes, does it really matter? The results are just as devastating. Across the globe wildfires, droughts, floods, and hurricanes are all occurring with greater intensity and frequency. Scientists say no one event can be directly linked to climate change, but all of these together look a lot like what they’ve been predicting for the last forty years.

Skepticism is understandable. As I write this, I’m admiring the beautiful trees and wildlife in my backyard. Climate change doesn’t seem to be affecting my little piece of Indiana. Likewise, I feel completely healthy, yet realize if I don’t exercise, eat right, and follow Doctor’s orders, a preventable illness could lead to my untimely death. If we abuse the planet and ignore scientist’s warnings it will make life very difficult for humanity, some even predict societal collapse, or worse, extinction. As children we’re all instructed to be good stewards of the earth. No other issue will define our generation like this one will, especially if we get it wrong.

Luckily it looks like things are turning around. In May 2021, The Hill reported House Republicans have launched the Conservative Climate Caucus and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has unveiled a new task force on energy, climate, and conservation. Republicans’ acknowledgment of this issue is HUGE, in the words of a former President. The article also mentions Teddy Roosevelt’s founding of the conservation movement, and Nixon’s creation of the EPA. Hunters and Farmers, traditionally rural Republican populations, seem a good fit for environmentalism. Conserve is literally in the description of both organizations. These groups are natural allies.

Also, I find hope in the fact that Ford is building Electric Mustangs and F-150s. Automakers seem to realize Tesla isn’t a fluke, and commercial survival depends upon transition. Carbon sequestration is much easier with one big smokestack than with several million exhausts. EVs alone won’t solve the problem but it’s a good start.

An old joke from my childhood went something like this. A man was on his roof during a flood and he prayed for God to save him. His neighbor floated by in a canoe and offered a ride. The faithful man said no, God would save him. Later, a rescue boat showed up and asked him to get in. He told the Captain he’d already prayed, and God would rescue him. Finally, a helicopter flew by and bull-horned a request be climb the ladder to safety. Again, the man refused claiming God was on his way. The man drowned and upon arriving in Heaven, asked God why he hadn’t rescued him. God replied I sent you two boats and a helicopter, I thought you’d have sense enough to take one of them. Let’s not be like that man. God gave us intellect to solve our problems. Democrats are ready to deal. Republicans are good at market based solutions. Blue and Red need each other as true, good-faith partners in the conservation of this planet. The world always needs responsible leadership, but especially right now. It’s true, there is NO PLANET B. Let’s save this one for the children both your husband, and your son fathered. >>

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