2021-07-19 Carbon Capture And Sequestration, DAC

This long article is about carbon capture and sequestration with a section on DAC direct air capture. We must reduce the 410 parts per million in our atmosphere!


<< Lackner says DAC is a good fit with renewable energy. If a natural gas power plant is off because of low demand, so is any point-source carbon-capture device attached to it. DAC, on the other hand, can run on renewable energy and stabilize electricity prices by being a customer of last resort. >>

But this quote concerns me.

<< “The reality is, we’ve only got a certain amount of time left,” the GCCSI’s Steyn says. “We’re now pushing against the clock.” Considering how long it takes to finance, engineer, and build a trillion dollars of industrial equipment, he says, “If you’re going to actually make inroads toward net-zero 2050, it’s got to happen this decade. This is the make-or-break decade.” >>


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