2021-05-13 Pelosi Rips Ron Clyde For Downplaying Jan 6 Assault On Capitol

<< Washington — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday ripped Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde of Georgia for downplaying the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, calling his comments describing the insurrectionists as behaving like they were on a typical Capitol tour “sick” and “quite appalling.” >>


I think it would be best for the US if at least one of these legislators-in-denial was reprimanded or censured in some way to show that Congress is serious about ending the untruth that is dividing this country.

First, the problem should be analyzed and defined precisely in legal, political, psychological and other terms to narrow it down. Then a treatment should be formulated.

It seems to me that this is as close to a civil war this country has come since the 1860s. There is a fundamental problem that is causing the denial of the truth.

The deniers should be examined by psychologists to see what it is that is causing them to deny reality. These schisms are deep into the minds of so many that they are causing harm.

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