2021-04-16 Solar Project Is Proposed For Anaheim Hills

From FB group Orange Talk


This is good to hear. The City of Anaheim is their own electric utility. The more solar power we have the less fossil fuels we’ll use and the less climate change there will be.

But it would be better if the same amount of solar panels were installed on rooftops. The rooftop solar keeps the building cooler so less air conditioning is needed so the panels have twice the benefits.

These solar arrays are high off the ground so there is minimal disturbance to the land. They’ll have to keep the trees trimmed to stop them from blocking the sun.

Every big parking lot, roof and area that gets sunlight should have solar panels. Every home should have rooftop solar along with an electric vehicle that costs you 1/5 the $$ of gasoline. Fossil fuel free is the future!

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