2021-04-08 My Stray Dog Story

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My neighbors put leftovers and table scraps in a dog dish on the back porch for their pooch. Times were tough in the ’70s and the neighborhood had houses boarded up because the buyers defaulted on their loans and were evicted or skipped town. But they just left their pets with the house. ☹️😥

So their dogs were just roaming the street. One dog (good nose!) found the table scraps and was hanging around for more. I tried to make friends with the standard sized poodle, but he was skittish and ran away. But I persisted to sit on the grass and try to make friends with him. Finally he came to trust me and I was just so taken aback by how gentle, how well-trained and how well-mannered he was. But we had our dog and she was a scottie and was scared of him – he was 3 or 4 times her size. My parents couldn’t see him being a part of our family. After a few weeks we didn’t see him anymore, maybe he got adopted. Or the dog catcher might have picked him up. But I still had my best friend, our little scottie. 🐶

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