2021-04-05 Cut CO2 – Replace Concrete With LC3

She says LC3 can be made like cement but with 40% less CO2. Pilot plants are already operating, and make a material comparable to concrete.


<< Look around your home. Refrigeration— along with other heating and cooling— makes up about 6% of total emissions. Agriculture, which produces our food, accounts for 18%. Electricity is responsible for 27%. Walk outside, and the cars zipping past, planes overhead, trains ferrying commuters to work— transportation, including shipping, contributes 16% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Even before we use any of these things, making them produces emissions— a lot of emissions. Making materials— concrete, steel, plastic, glass, aluminum and everything else— accounts for 31% of greenhouse gas emissions. Concrete alone is responsible for 8% of all carbon emissions worldwide. >>

I believe what the world needs to do is tax the difference in CO2 emitted by concrete to make it economically necessary for local cement plants to change to LC3.


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