2021-03-23 Life After CoVID19 Isn’t Fair

From FB comment

Seems that we already have most of those except term limits. Since Congress determines laws regarding their own term limits, it’s unlikely that will happen. The way that is most likely to happen is with a constitutional amendment.

I’m not sure that drug screening before welfare would be of much help. If drug addicts are forced into becoming homeless, they just steal to feed their habit. Then they get caught and get a free room and board with a place to sleep and 3 meals a day. And most likely they will not be productive members of society.

Nobody wanted to lose their job, become homeless and unemployed for more than a year because of this pandemic, but that’s what happened.

We’re all in this helluva predicament and it’s not our fault and it’s not fair. The people should try to help one another, not hate. We’re trying to do the best we can given the bad circumstances we’re all in. 😞😞

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