2021-03-18 Stupid Versus Clueless

Ooooh! Them are fightin’ words!

I used to say that too, back when this same meme was a favorite on the Usenet newsgroups, the 1990s forerunner of Facebutt. But it got a lot of people riled up because we called them stupid.

Well, the geeks and nerds came with “haven’t got a clue.” That sounded a bit better, but it just didn’t have the IMPACT! of stupid. Someone came up with a term with more impact. So “need to be beat over the head with a clue by four” came into use. It seemed to have a more forceful meaning.

But there was always someone who didn’t know the difference between a two by four and a clue by four. Thus we had to explain all that, so a lot of us geeks gave up and just called them ignorant rather than stupid. It just means they don’t know.

So today I just recommend calling some clueless person ignorant. Hey, we were born that way. Just remember:


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