2021-02-16 My Thoughts About Time

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If you’re in the time dimension, you’re a part of that dimension and you cannot change where you are in that dimension. All these theories act as though you could jump out of that dimension and observe it. But that violates the whole principle of time as a dimension. So you can’t create a paradox without invalidating the whole theory.

I’m wondering if you can understand this concept?

Brad Lee
Remember the theory about the two dimensional beings who live in a two dimensional world, similar to a sheet of paper. Their perception of a 3 Dimensional object is like a slice of that object as it moves through their 2D world.

Similarly, you observe time as a dimension as it flows through our world. But the ‘time slices’ are progressive and ever advancing. You could theorize what time is if you’re a multi-time dimensional being, but any hypothesis, no matter how preposterous — like time travel — will be impossible to prove or disprove. We’re locked into a time dimensioned world where anything and everything is dependent on time’s unvarying and constantly advancing dimension.

The very essence of reality — was, is, will be — now, before, after — yesterday, today, tomorrow — using a verb in a sentence: gone, going, will go — everything we do has time imbedded in it. Measurements of everything relates to time. Time is the essence of who we are.

Think about this:

“If it wasn’t for time, everything would happen at once.”

Another important point. The three dimensions – height, width, depth – are inextricably tied to time. The Earth orbits around the Sun and the Sun orbits around the galaxy. So the Earth’s position in the universe is like a corkscrew: it’s going around the Sun while the Sun moves forward in its orbit. The Earth rotates once a day. And the Milky Way galaxy is moving, too. So we are never in the same place in the universe of time even if we stand absolutely still.

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