2021-02-08 IEEE.ORG Website Is Not Private. Intersil ICL 8038 Function Generator

Chrome won’t allow me to connect to the spectrum.ieee.org website because it’s saying it’s not private. I go to learn more and they don’t have any way to override the error message. I went here first to read the story and tried the link at the end to comment.


They asked in an article when the Intersil ICL 8038 function generator chip first came out. The catalog I have says that Intersil was founded July 26, 1967. The catalog has the ICL 8038, and on the back, it says Intersil Semiconductor Products catalog IS-2002C 40M/3/74. So apparently the 8038 chip came out between mid-1967 and 1974. I would assume the time is closer to 1974.

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