2021-01-13 Big Changes Needed, Fast

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Karl Thidemann
I asked you a question. The regenerative grazing you promote will benefit the land in the same way that hundreds of millions of bison did before they were nearly exterminated by hunters.

How long will it take to regenerate the land? Regenerating the land will be pointless if it takes too long. The article of this original post says the following:
Quote << “Our main point is that once you realise the scale and imminence of the problem, it becomes clear that we need much more than individual actions like using less plastic, eating less meat, or flying less. Our point is that we need big systematic changes and fast,” Professor Daniel Blumstein from the University of California Los Angeles, who helped write the paper, told the Guardian. >>

I believe your agenda is not in the best interests of the world and would take too long to make the “big systematic changes” that they say are necessary. Reforestation on a large scale is still needed for, as you said, land where a forest will grow.

Regenerative grazing is going to benefit the land. But what else will it benefit? There is still the ruminant belching methane issue.

[Added Jan 13] You treat the regenerative grazing as the answer to all of the climate change problems. Until you show you have more than this, others are going to assume your sole agenda is promoting the raising of cattle. You should do more and better.


Reply Jan 13 10 AM.

Karl Thidemann
I listened to one podcast that said methane had a shorter lifetime in the atmosphere. But CO2 is also removed from the atmosphere by the oceans and as you’ve pointed out, by the soil and its biome(?).

But you still haven’t told us any timeline. The quote I gave explicitly said that mitigation must be done on a large scale and quickly. If it took decades to deplete the soil, how long will it take to restore it?

The longer that climate change goes on, the more the world will have to adapt and the costs will be much, much greater. Sometimes I feel that it’s futile and there is a very bleak future. What a shame because I’ll be dead and the world will be going to hell because there are so many deniers and charlatans who have ruined the future of humanity for short term profits.

Article in Sci Am by Michael Mann about Climate change deniers changing tactics.


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