2020-08-20 Bannon Charged with Fraud, Money Laundering

All over the news: another Trump crony caught with his grubby hands in the till. Bannon pleaded not guilty and is out on bail.

“Many of those in Trump’s top echelon facing charges.” — Jonatham Karl, ABC News

In the news is the judge refused to restrain the NY AG from subpoenaing Trump’s tax records. If Don The Con has nothing to hide like he claims, then why is he trying so hard to hide his tax records?? Just let the AG have them! I have a strong suspicion that this will turn out to be an impeachable offense. But the situation could go two ways. Trump could lose the election and end up being tried in court as a civilian; or he could win the election and be impeached _again_. Then if there is a democratic majority in both houses, they’ll be able to convict him. Either way, he loses.

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