2020-07-11 Lawn Sprinkler System Losing Pressure?

I’ve been seeing the sprinklers reaching a smaller radius after several years, and brown spots between. I was thinking that it was caused by a clogged pipe. I also had some constantly leaky sprinklers that were causing the grass to become soggy and mushrooms were growing. Then I noticed my water bill was several tens of dollars higher. Something was wrong.

So I replaced the solenoid valve that was feeding the wet spot. That took care of the leaky valve. But the sprinklers were still not spraying out like they used to. The water pressure in this neighborhood is high, 80 to 85 PSI, where normally it’s 45 to 55 PSI. I wondered if a pipe had become plugged. While I was working on a worn sprinkler, I noticed the problem (see photo). I think the gardeners hit it with the mower or weed whacker. The sprinklers are doing better after it was replaced, but I might have some other leaks that need to be fixed.

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