2020-01-13 Slide Rule and Calculator Battery

From FB group Jan 19

Joe Haupt

In the ’80s I occasionally did work in an electrical room on campus that had a 7 foot slide rule that had been removed from the classroom. It was there for years, but the fire inspectors would make us keep the junk from accumulating in closets, so it finally got removed. 😭

I read your comment about batteries going dead in calculators. I bought a sharp LCD calculator at Sav-On Drugs back in the late 70s. The salesdroid tried to sell me 2 AA cells for it, she said the cheap Sharp batteries ‘were no good.’ I told her no. I wore that calculator out and it was still running on the same Sharp batteries years later – the current drain was so low that later they changed to button cells that last for years. 👍👍

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