2018-01-30 Elijah And His Unique Keyboard

At the college I worked at, they had a part-time internship program where students could get on the job experience for a semester.  One of our employees got her son a job as an intern in our department.

His name was Elijah, but he didn’t like being called that, and went by “EJ”.  He was a good typist, learned from plenty of previous experience on PCs.  They gave him a shared space to consider as a landing strip between rounds as a helper and troubleshooter.  But he wasn’t pleased when he came in and found others using ‘his’ PC.  So one day, we came in to find that all of the keys on the keyboard had been switched around, which was total nonsense.

We put up with the inconvenience for awhile.  But then EJ went back to the storeroom and found a bunch of used, defective keyboards.  Suddenly each of the rows of ‘his’ keyboard said “(expletive) you!”  I thought it was amusing, but apparently others didn’t so he had to get rid of that.

But EJ turned out to be a full-time employee at our other campus.  A few years later he left for a better job(?) or possibly he got tired of others not wanting to put up with his shenanigans?  I’ll never find out.

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