2022-04-27 We MUST remove CO2 From The Atmosphere

Climeworks raises $650 million article

Samuel Soroaster
Said, ” The entropy is too big to make it energy efficient. Better to use concentrated sources.”

By entropy, I assume you mean that the CO2 is too diluted to make it efficient enough to pay back the effort. Okay, so what do we do? Wait until hell freezes over for the CO2 molecules to ‘come home’ to where they were burned? That ain’t ever gonna happen! Taking the CO2 out of ‘concentrated sources’ does **nothing** to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere, where it’s causing the harm. You’re proposing that we just forget about the CO2 in the atmosphere! Just leave it alone! That’s totally foolish. Most of the sources of CO2 will be gone once renewables replace fossil fuels. The CO2 **must** be removed from the atmosphere ASAP!! You have two choices: “futilely” remove the atmospheric CO2 or die from global warming. The ball is in your court. Now what??


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