2021-10-16 Portable Nuclear Microreactors

It says “…portable, zero emissions power source.”

Those two are mutually exclusive. In order to be portable, the reactor would not be able to be shielded by thick walls of shielding. In order to be zero emissions, it would have to be shielded. And it’s not going to be allowed to be unshielded and unsafe for humans. Right now, nuclear power plants are surrounded by exclusion zones and must be located tens of miles from population areas. Any attempts to do otherwise will be met with extreme resistance from the NIMBYs.

As for “zero emissions,” all thermal power plants must be located close to water for cooling. The thermal power plants use 7 out of 16 liters of total water consumed – that’s almost half. That’s the biggest reason why the thermal power plants are going to be eliminated as climate change makes water scarcer.

<< just because it’s private doesn’t mean it’s going to be run well. Just because it’s public doesn’t mean it’s going to be run poorly. It really is all in the rules. >>

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