2021-10-02 3 Reasons Why Nuclear is Clean and Sustainable

The federal Office Of Nuclear Energy tells you how safe and clean nuclear power is. But they don’t tell you the true LCOE – levelized cost of energy – that goes into nuclear power. They don’t tell you how much the enriched uranium fuel costs or where it comes from. They don’t tell you the other downsides to nuclear power plants.

Vogtle units 3 & 4 will most likely be the last nuclear power plants built in the US. They had to get a 3.7 billion loan guarantee from the US government to complete the construction.


The Office also has the following webpage that gives the advantages and challenges of nuclear power. At least they’re telling the truth about the costs and construction delays.


<< High Operating Costs

Challenging market conditions have left the nuclear industry struggling to compete. Strict regulations on maintenance, staffing levels, operator training, and plant inspections have become a financial burden for the industry. >>


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