2021-04-12 Democrats Must Weaponize Citizens United And McCutcheon

I have never heard of the Democrats taking an offensive stand, a tactic that the Repub’s often use by fabricating false narratives to rock the boat. I don’t advocate false narratives but there is nothing unethical about using tactics the enemy has used.

In the past decade or so the SCOTUS has invalidated parts of the voting rights act, specifically the limits on how much money can be spent on elections by corporations PACs and unions. The democrats could weaponise this by going on the offensive.

The Senate needs 60 votes to pass certain legislation. Right now the Senate is split evenly with 50 votes for each party. The Republicans have several senate seats that are in swing states or purple states where they haven’t got security; there is a good chance that they could lose the senate seat to the Democrats.

The Democratic party shall mount a campaign to win at least ten of the Senate seats back. The ammunition shall be small donor contributions that will be used by PACs to advertise against the incumbent Repub senators.

The amount of ammo depends on how well the Democratic party advertises to small dollar donors that their donations are extremely important for getting voters to replace Repub Senators who were supporters of Trumps false voter fraud claims.

One weapon will be that the targeted Senator supported the false narrative that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. This must be indoctrinated into the voters of that state that the senator supported a fraudulent president. There were many senators who supported this false claim.

Another weapon is the Repub senator voted to acquit the twice impeached president in both impeachments.

The objective is to instill enough concern among Repub senators who are in purple states that they may break from the unified block of Repub’s who always vote against any bill originated by the Democrats.

This weaponization may or may not be successful the first, 2nd or 3rd time; it will depend on how much money can be raised and spent on swinging moderate Repub’s and independents to vote for Democratic senators. It may also take some effort to sharpen the rhetoric to emphasize that the Repub senator was *not* following his oath to the constitution and the USA.

Success will also depend on the amount of pressure the offensive can put on the voters (through the newsmedia) to believe that Republican congressmen were supporting a president who lied to the voters and was filling government appointments with wealthy donors who put their own interests ahead of the government.

Another area for another target is Republican’s use of immigration to distract voters from the real issues. Skip the first 3 minutes of this BTC video and listen to BTC at 0.75 speed. He talks about the Repub’s using the immigration issue to distract voters from the more important real issues.


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