2020-12-05 The Bond Fire In Silverado Canyon – The Irony

This Bond fire is in the canyons, down the road from where I live. This was really ironic. In the years past the utilities, mainly PG&E, got in trouble for causing big fires. PG&E had to go bankrupt to mitigate the lawsuits because of the fires. So the utilities came up with PSPS — public safety power shutoffs. When it gets very windy they will shut off electricity in areas of high fire danger.

So the above Bond Fire was in an area where they shut off power. One homeowner started up a generator to keep power to his home. Later, apparently the generator started this Bond fire and burned up the home and over 7000 acres. So it’s ironic that the very thing that was supposed to prevent wildfires ended up causing a huge wildfire. Now instead of a utility, the victims would have to sue the homeowner. And it’s doubtful the suit would result in any monetary benefit. Crazy.

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