2020-07-29 Women Who Regret Voting For Trump

“Flush the turd on November the 3rd!”

It will “Make America Great Again!”



In Oklahoma, a solidly Republican state that few expect Biden to win, Nancy Shively, a special education teacher who lives in the outskirts of Tulsa, is similarly disenchanted.

She has been donating to Democratic candidates, and like Rey Haft plans to vote all blue.

“I am more angry with the people in power who have enabled Donald Trump than I am with Donald Trump,” Shively said.

“Donald Trump is clearly a flawed human being. He’s incapable of having any kind of empathy or thinking about anybody other than himself. That being said, he could not have wreaked as much damage as he has without other people enabling him to do that.

“Every single Republican senator that failed to fulfill their constitutional oath is complicit. And so in my opinion, all of them, with the possible exception of Mitt Romney, need to never hold public office again.”

Shively, 61, has two autoimmune diseases, and is particularly concerned at the Trump administration’s determination to reopen schools in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. In Oklahoma, where cases are surging after the state hurried to reopen, the situation is particularly dangerous.

“As embarrassed as I am that I voted for Trump, if I have to go back in the classroom, the fact that I voted for him and he has been such a disaster in dealing with this virus, that vote could mean I’m not gonna live,” Shively said.

It has been Trump’s failings on coronavirus – as of Tuesday the US had recorded more than 4.2m cases of Covid-19, and nearly 147,000 people had died – that came as the final straw for Shively.

She and her husband are in the process of updating their wills ahead of her return to school, and she is struggling to come to terms with the impact of her vote.

“There’s a straight line between his election and 140,000 dead Americans, that didn’t need to die. It just makes me incredibly sad. And regretful.” >>

In 2016 some women said they voted for Trump and cried after. Some women said they voted for Trump and had to bathe after; they felt filthy. They would have voted for Hillary but the Russians’ “active measures” poisoned so many peoples’ minds about Hillary that they couldn’t vote for her. If only the Russian interference had been known well before the election, things might have turned out differently and we wouldn’t be in this mess we’re in.

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