2020-07-15 RVAT – Republican Voters Against Trump; Trump’s 19+ Lies

Blimey! They may get rid of him.


<< “One thing we found is that the cultural aspect played a big role in [the 2016 election],” she says. “You’d get women who’d say ‘I voted for him and I cried,’ or, ‘I voted for him and then I had to take a shower afterwards’. >>

<< “Donald Trump has a negative impact on the future of the Republican party,” says Longwell. “He has sort of hijacked it, and really poisoned the country, and has turned it into a nationalist populist party. There’s a section of Republicans who do not find that attractive, and I’m one of them.

“The best thing for the party long term is for him to get defeated soundly, and for the party to rethink its direction.”

Trump got hit by the CoVID19 virus just at the worst possible time. Things were going very well for the economy and for his prospects of getting reelected. But now after this CovidGeddon, the prospect looks poor for him getting reelected.


Trump speech gets fact checked – 19 lies


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