2020-06-08 Military Intelligence Is A Joke

From FB comment Jun 8

Gayle McGowen Nobbs
🙄🙄 “Military intelligence is an oxymoron.”
I was stationed in the Army nike site in Minneapolis. We had to keep the buttons with the secret words for the Radar’s switches in a locked safe. The very same buttons with Lin-Log, Integrator, Dicke Fix, etc. were on the test equipment on a shelf, in a room with full windows to the ceiling, a few dozen yards from the chain link fence around the site. Any spy with a good telescope could see them from the fence. 😂😂😂

The combination for the safe was written on the bulletin board in a code, like 723. The combination would then be 72-23-73. Anyone with the time or knowledge could figure that out and open the safe.

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