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Bora Han Proko

Many years ago, a Japanese organization bought or was supposed to buy the land on the corner of Main Street and Memory lane where Polly’s Pies used to be and where Mother’s Market is today. The economy went down and the big plans didn’t work out, so it got bought and became what it is. The point is there should be no fear about foreign companies investing in real estate in the US, they can’t take it with them, it’s going to stay here.

In the same way, people from other countries should stay within the laws and we have no reason to complain about their business. This is supposed to be a free country. But it seems that there are too many bigoted haters among us who think that we can go back to the 1950s to the era of McCarthy and try to limit individual rights in the name of patriotism. Some of that happened after 9/11, but hopefully it won’t get worse. Those who live in oppressive countries have long looked to the US as a haven to get away from oppression. These Asians are like the refugees coming from Central America to our border. The problems of people wanting to come to the US will only be solved when the problems in those countries are fixed. Is it fair to judge others for trying to flee from injustice?

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