2020-03-24 Journalists Hate Trump Actions

From FB comment Mar 24

Steven Hamre
The overall population, journalists included, hate what Trump does, not who he is. You can go to Real Clear Politics and see multiple approval surveys that prove beyond doubt that approval of his actions have almost never been above 50% and most of the time hover around 40 to 45%. There is no objectivity to it: his actions have been objectionable, that’s why he was impeached. If the Senate had been as objective as you claim journalists should be, he would have been convicted. Indeed, if Trump could be as objective as you want journalists to be, there would not be as many people, including journalists, who would hate what Trump does. His actions have been the root of the problem, not journalists.

PolitiFact and Snopes refer you to sources, they do not have any agendas other than telling the truth as best as they can determine. If there are bad things to say about any politician, no matter what party, both Politifact and Snopes will refer you to their sources. Their sources collectively may have an agenda, typically that is to tell the truth.

Addendum – If *I* see the same news item from 4, 5 or more reputable sources, and a contradictory claim from a single source, I am not foolish and believe that single contradictory source. I believe Politifact and Factcheck.com because they also use multiple sources. Don’t be fooled.

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