2018-07-11 Communist Manifesto

From FB group Orange Talk, July 13

Rebecca Joy
It’s still not spelled right. 😝 It’s not Columnist Manifesto.

The Communist Manifesto was only a few dozen pages long and at the time was considered the most influential document of the 19th century. The evil Commies were a totally different thing. The Communist Manifesto was written by idealists and its dogma was never fully implemented. There were upper, middle and lower classes in the Soviet Union and the so called proletariat never fully “owned” the state. The words on paper were not as shocking as the evil dictator Stalin who killed at least 25 million of his own people, many just for political reasons, because they were “counter-revolutionary”.

I was in Germany when the Soviets took over Czechoslovakia and scared the hell out of Europe and the rest of the world. Then the Commies threw in the towel and gave up and the Soviet Union broke up in 1990.

In 1960s, the Kiplinger Letter published an issue that said that the Soviets would become more capitalistic and the U.S. would become more socialistic. Half of their prediction came true with the breakup of the Soviet Union. And today the U.S. has become more socialistic as can be seen by becoming a welfare state.

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