2018-07-09 Country Going To Hell In A Handbasket

From FB group Orange Talk Jul 11

Rebecca Joy
You said “Bernie is a socialist” but there is no proof that he would change our government (he is a member of Congress!) to socialism.

HC, I assume you mean Hillary, is an experienced bureaucrat who has worked within the bureaucracy, and is not guilty of the fabricated claims the right wing extremists have reiterated ad nauseum.

The “bleeding heart liberals” you claim want coddling and “all the poor people” do not espouse any socialist agenda – they just see their world from a poverty viewpoint.

Meanwhile the poor person can’t afford to go to the doctor, for prenatal care for example (that’s why we have neonatal death rates equal to 3rd world countries). The poor wait until their health is so bad they have to go to the emergency room. There they get treatment that they can’t pay for, so the costs are paid by the taxpayers -that’s you and I. This is, plain and simple, socialized medicine. We are already living in a country where the most expensive part of a person’s life, healthcare, is socialized.

I’m not making any accusations, I’m just stating the way it is. And while you’re whining about whether your country is going to be taken over by socialists, you fail to see the reality that this country is already going to hell in a handbasket.

Wake up! 😬

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