2017-12-09 Datacomm Cabinet Falls Off The Wall

From FB Group Bell Telephone…

Just like the ones we had, but complete.  Ours had areas where the contractors removed the mushroom panels to make room for the digital cabinets or open racks.

We had a contractor install a cabinet with molly bolts into drywall.  It was like that for years with at least a half dozen Cisco switches in it.  The small room was also used to store audio/visual equipment, and because the a/v equipment kept getting stolen, they put a special lock in the door.

One day I got an order to fix one PC that couldn’t connect to the network.  I had to request the special key.  Another guy and I opened the door and were utterly shocked.  The whole cabinet fell off the wall and was lying on the stuff!  Only a single PC lost connectivity because the cabinet was still knee high, off the floor.  We just closed the door and went to get our stupidvisor.  If it had dropped to the floor we would’ve had more than a hundred PCs dead.  😣  😱

Sometimes you just outMurphy Murphy!

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