2014-11-06 Other Useful Things From DX.com

I saw a few items at DX.com that look like they could be very useful.

A USB power meter, with even more information in the display, compared to the somewhat lame Practical Power meter.

You won’t be caught with a dying cell phone battery with this.  It’s a useful addition to your flashlight collection.  This has a battery holder for a 18650 Lithium battery, and converts the battery to 5V at up to 1 amp, out to a USB jack.  You can plug your cell phone cable into this, or use it as a flashlight with the LED ‘head’ that comes with the adapter.

A HDMI switch, which seems to be the trend nowadays with HDMI everywhere.

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  1. Ruud F. de Graaf says:

    Nice tips! Thanks!

    In october 2017 the USB power meter is ‘temporary’ sold out, but the 18650 5V power bank case is still being sold. It’s too bad you can not see how much they sold in those passed years. Only 18 reviews. The price is dropped to a redicolous $2.92 with free shipping!

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