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2021-10-04 H Quest Develops Hydrogen Pyrolyzer *Without CO2*

This makes hydrogen from methane using electricity, but without CO2. It uses microwaves at 2.45 GHz. from a magnetron.

2021-09-30 Convert CO2 Into Starch

This is the kind of discovery that seriously needs to be researched and developed. This could free up huge amounts of farmland that could be used for other purposes such as reforestation. The CO2 would be prevented from going into the atmosphere and contributing to the greenhouse gases. Starch could be used in place of

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2021-09-18 Land Care Robot Electrifies Tasks

This ad popped up and I had to watch this little workhorse do its jobs. It gave me several thoughts of what it could be used for. It even can work in the dark and in the rain. It said that it’s 64 HP and $14,800.00. When I was a kid, I remember seeing articles

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2021-09-16 Why We Reject Contrary Evidence

Why do humans instinctively reject evidence contrary to their beliefs?

2021-09-14 Fossil Fuel Responsible For 1 In 5 Deaths

Study finds that fossil fuel air pollution is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide.

2021-08-25 LED Streetlights Are Killing Moths In England

LED streetlights are decimating moths in England. The LEDs have blue light which insects use to see. The moths are pollinators like bees plus they’re food for many animals. There are a number of solutions for mitigating the problem. The blue light can be filtered out, among other things. My thinking is that the streetlights

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2021-08-20 Americans Are Brainwashed About Socialism

A short < 5 min. Video about socialism in the past century. Americans don’t have to be afraid of socialism; they have to fear communism.


2021-08-19 New! Robotic Weed Killers, Insect Treaters

I’ve thought about these robots several times over the years because for millenia farmers did this by hand, without the carcinogenic (cancer causing) herbicides and insecticides. Now they have built a robotic weed killer that zaps weeds with a Laser. And another farm robotic machine is powered by a Tesla battery. What makes me elated

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2021-08-18 Climate Change Argument Ignores Problem! While this p!ssing contest is going on, the changes in climate are doing more and more damage. If either of these arguers are not able to give a solution to the change in climate then they should both be ignored. The fact is if these arguments keep on distracting others from solving the problem,

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2021-08-09 Breakthrough In Battery Technology

He talks about developing batteries taking a long time – years – because it’s like cooking: you put things together and then taste it, to see how it works. They have automated some of the procedures, but it’s still time consuming to do all the lab work to find the right chemistry. That is apparently

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