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2022-03-25 Yellen: US Should Have Moved To Renewables Faster

US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said the US should have moved faster toward renewable energy. It would have made us more independent of foreign and Russian fossil fuels. Quote: << Current energy market struggles are a reason to increase focus on renewable energy, Yellen said. >>

2022-03-24 Republicans Turn SCOTUS Hearing Into Circus

Republicans turn Ketanji Brown Jackson Senate confirmation hearings into a circus. This was shameful.

2022-03-23 Thermobaric Weapons In Ukraine

This short YouTube video explains how these deadly “vacuum bombs” kill. He says they’re not illegal, but using them against civilians is considered a war crime.

2022-03-22 EPA Shutting Down Online Archive

This should be “donated” to a private entity to maintain in perpetuity.

2022-03-21 Reducing Humidity – Uses As Much Energy As Cooling

In air conditioning, the reduction of humidity uses as much energy as cooling.

2022-03-20 Solar Panel Makers May Have A Materials Constraint

This article outlines the incredibly huge amount of solar panels that China is supplying to be installed, much of them in China. The figures are astounding! Quote: << Thus far, 24 of China’s 31 provinces and regions have set out five-year-plan renewables targets which include plans for 375-420GW of solar by 2025 – around 75-84GW

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2022-03-15 Hawaii Big Oil Court Case Passes Major Milestone

This important article by a ‘guest contributor’ gives some very good links to information. The court has allowed Hawaii to go ahead to the discovery, where oil companies will have to reveal internal documents regarding fossil fuels causing climate change. Quote: << A growing movement Climate litigation such as the Hawaii case is designed to

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2022-03-12 POTUS Sign Exec. Order Re. Development Of Digital Assets

Quote: << President Biden to Sign Executive Order on Responsible Development of Digital Assets MARCH 09, 2022 STATEMENTS AND RELEASES Outlines First Whole-of-Government Strategy to Protect Consumers, Financial Stability, National Security, and Address Climate Risks >>

2022-03-12 EPA Reinstates Calif. Stricter Auto Pollution Stds.

Thank God. Damn Trump administration meddling in states’ rights. Quote: << … during the Trump administration when the EPA kind of lost its mind and said that California could not require higher fuel economy standards than the nation as a whole. That was a reversal of policy that had existed for decades as an add-on

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2022-03-05 California Solar Rights Act Protects Homeowners Also SASH

Laws prohibiting HOAs, etc. from restricting homeowners from installing solar equipment. Also other rights such as penalties for HOAs. Also see California Single-family Affordable Solar Housing – SASH Program

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