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2022-03-12 EPA Reinstates Calif. Stricter Auto Pollution Stds.

Thank God. Damn Trump administration meddling in states’ rights. Quote: << … during the Trump administration when the EPA kind of lost its mind and said that California could not require higher fuel economy standards than the nation as a whole. That was a reversal of policy that had existed for decades as an add-on

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2022-03-05 California Solar Rights Act Protects Homeowners Also SASH

Laws prohibiting HOAs, etc. from restricting homeowners from installing solar equipment. Also other rights such as penalties for HOAs. Also see California Single-family Affordable Solar Housing – SASH Program

2022-02-25 Drought: Calif Farmers Get No Water

The megadrought in California’s Central Valley has left no water to be allocated.

2022-02-24 ILSR – States Community Power Scorecard

ILSR states community power scorecard gives a letter grade to how the states score on community power. Some states score poorly even though they have changed to renewables. Utilities are greedy and don’t the state to allow the DERs – distributed energy resources, AKA net metering. Also see California NEM 3.0.

2022-02-21 Republicans Guilty Of Hypocrisy

A group of anti-Trump Republicans and conservatives put out an ad calling out GOP leaders for their hypocrisy on Jan 6. Republican Accountability Project put out an advert on Fox. Collective amnesia? They said it: Trump was irresponsible and allowed the Jan. 6 attempted coup d’etat to happen. A 1 min. YouTube video.

2022-02-20 Solar City Shareholders Lawsuit – Musk Should Pay $13B

This is the first I’ve heard about this lawsuit. Must be newsmedia ignoring it.

2022-02-19 Calif Utilities Must Procure 40+GW Clean Energy By 2032

California lowers electric sector GHG target, directs procurement of more than 40 GW of clean energy resources The chart with the yearly figures shows 40.55 GW total must be procured by 2032. The utilities must procure 25GW clean energy generation and 15GW storage, while meeting strict reliability standards. Some of this will be pumped hydro.

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2022-02-19 Biden Admin To Decarbonize Industry, Build Green Hydrogen

The Biden administration’s Energy Department is launching a $9.5 Billion initiative to decarbonize the industrial sector and build green hydrogen. Another article about this and hydrogen.

2022-02-19 DOE $6B To Help Struggling Nuclear Power Plants

The DOE intends to help struggling nuclear power plants to stay online by helping with $6 billion. The utilities want to avoid further costs by shutting down the unprofitable NPPs, often replacing them with gas turbines spewing more CO2.

2022-02-18 NOAA: Sea Level Rising 1 Foot By 2050

The NOAA Report says the sea level may rise up to a foot or more by 2050. This will cause serious flooding in many areas. Populations will have to relocate to higher ground. << …NASA administrator Bill Nelson, who says, “Sea levels are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, endangering communities around the world.

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