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2013-12-18 10 Watt LEDs Have Finally Arrived

Well, the LEDs I ordered more than a month ago have finally arrived.  They are 10 Watt(!) 900 lumens from Electronic Goldmine for $6 (USD) apiece (I checked their website and they seem to be sold out).  The reason why it took so long was mostly my fault.  They were shipped to my previous address,

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2013-11-28 Another Million Dollar Idea – TV-B-Gon

The website sells the TV-B-Gon, which apparently is a microcontroller that emulates many remote controls by putting out the many IR codes for turning a TV off.  I could take it into a restaurant and turn off the nearby TV so that we can eat without having to scream at each other.  This is

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2013-11-27 Blue Bottle And Xmas Tree Light Experiment

While walking to the park, I found an empty deep blue bottle lying in the grass.  The label said Bud Light Platinum, and was most likely filled with it, but the extra cost was for the deep blue bottle and clear plastic label.  I took it back home and peeled the label off.  This evening

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