2016-02-16 Daylight LED Light Prices

I had to go to the big box home improvement store yesterday, and although I didn’t find the screws I was looking for, I did find that they had LED lights on pallets.

I saw both warm white and daylight LED lights of the ‘stick’ kind, I believe one maker calls them bright sticks.  I don’t remember the maker, but they were selling the package of 8 daylight lights for $28 ($3.50 each), and the warm white lights for $44 ($5.50 each), which was more than 50% higher price.  I could see having a modest difference, but 50 percent more is ridiculous!

When they make the LEDs, they sort them into ‘bins’ depending on color, light output, etc.  There is more demand for the warm white because it is close to the incandescent light color temperature.  Other than the color temperature, the LED lights are identical and cost the same to make.

A lot of daylight LEDs get used for flashlights and specialized lights, but apparently the supply is greater than the demand, so prices are lower.  Or looking at it the other way, the greater demand for warm white LEDs lets them charge higher prices.

The daylight LED lights work fine for some purposes such as outdoors, garages, hallways or any place where most people don’t stay for long.  They could be mixed in with warm white in multiple arrays.  But apparently not that many are sold, which is understandable, since many people don’t consider the daylight, and just buy all warm white. In any case, this seems to me to be a marketing ploy.

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