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2016-08-20 Blue Blinky Gets A Different Timing Capacitor

It has been a long time since I designed Blue Blinky; I just wanted to update it.  I have used a 1 uF electrolytic capacitor for the timing capacitor, and it works just fine with the two 680k resistors to give about 1 per second flash rate. I got a bag of hundreds of multilayer

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2016-02-23 Joule Thief With Daylight Shutoff

I designed my Blue Blinky with a daylight shutoff, using a LED as the light sensor and an additional transistor to amplify the minuscule current that the LED puts out.  This worked just great because there is the point across the timing capacitor where the current is very low, and it takes very little current

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2015-11-18 Flashlights Continued

After the 2015-10-26 blog, I searched for some other websites selling small flashlights and ended up at, which is a part of Deal Extreme,  I also found some reviews of other, cheaper flashlights, two of which were the Brinyte and the Tank007. On I found and ordered the the package called ‘Mini

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2015-10-30 LED Nightlights Are Poor Design

I found these at a Walmart store.  They’re named Great Value and came in a package of four nightlights.  As usual, curiosity made me open it up to see the circuit inside. I traced the circuit and drew a schematic of it.  I was disappointed, but not surprised.  The way the CdS photocell works is

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2015-10-29 Joule Thief Brightness Measurements

It’s been awhile since I blogged this, so I may be saying what I’ve already said before.  But I get comments from others about how to make measurements of the LED brightness.  A recent one is in the comments of an older blog.  Many Joule Thief builders don’t have the minimum tools needed for some

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2015-07-21 GE Bright Stik LED Light Bulb

I went to Home Depot this weekend to buy some stuff to fix the leaky toilet, and I walked past the display for the new GE Bright Stik LED light bulbs.  I was attracted to their shape and small size. They come packaged 3 to a box, and there were two types: bright white and

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2015-06-30 RF Interference and LED Lighting

I talked to a club member about LED lights and how much money they saved in electricity.  But he said he stocked up on incandescent lights before they were banned so he could have them for his radio room.  He has had problems with LED lights causing RF interference with his radios, so he went

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2015-05-03 Light Emitting Paper

Quantsuff emailed us a link about a new material summarized at  I have a few thoughts that I’d like to add. The stuff should be great for illumination.  But I have doubts about its use for display purposes.  Displays have millions of very small pixels.  If one or a few get contaminated with dust

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2015-03-26 CRI Not The Whole Story

I got another email from Designing With LEDs about removing the fluorescent lights from a bathroom and replacing them with Cree LED lights.  The blog shows the charts from a spectrometer showing the difference between the fluo lights, which are deficient in the red, and the high CRI LED lights which have much better lighting

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2015-02-22 Link To Osram Smart Light

QS sent this link to me about Osram’s smart LED light called Lightify. I went and browsed the shelves at Fry’s Electronics. They have the dimmer sockets and remotes on the shelf that use Sky Link.

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