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2023-07-28 EVs Will *Save* The Grid, Not Destroy It!

The big lie! This guy is making a claim that is a myth! This supposed expert claims that when all cars are EVs, after the Sun sets there will be no batteries on this planet that will be able to supply the grid with power. Watch this short under 1 minute video. Then remember

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2022-06-01 VPPs Virtual Power Plants – Zero Carbon Grid

Zero carbon grid with VPPs – virtual power plants

2020-08-13 Tesla Plans Revealed by “Now You Know”

A 40 minute YouTube video that talks about what Tesla and Elon Musk is planning. Also (skip ahead to the 30 minute point) they talk about the financial aspects of Tesla and that Tesla will be on the S & P 500. The important point they make is about the V2G (vehicle to grid) and

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