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2024-05-29 Renewables Provided Almost 30% of US Electrical Generation In March

That’s great to see!  There needs to be more BESS – battery energy storage systems – on the grid to replace all the gas turbine peaker plants that have to supply the grid when the sun sets.  Once the grid gets 3 or more times the amount of renewables onto the grid and a lot

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2023-12-29 Solar Canopies Serve Three Purposes: Charging, Generation And Shade

I like getting in a car that’s not roasting hot. One thing the companies and organizations are doing is installing solar canopies in parking lots. It’s what Tesla did in the lot over the row of superchargers at Gigafactory Texas. And those canopies give cars shade. There are millions of acres / ares of parking

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2022-05-20 EIA: Solar, Wind To Be Larger Sources

US EIA expects solar and wind to be larger sources of US electricity generation this summer.

2022-02-19 Calif Utilities Must Procure 40+GW Clean Energy By 2032

California lowers electric sector GHG target, directs procurement of more than 40 GW of clean energy resources The chart with the yearly figures shows 40.55 GW total must be procured by 2032. The utilities must procure 25GW clean energy generation and 15GW storage, while meeting strict reliability standards. Some of this will be pumped hydro.

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