2018-07-08 Doomed To Repeat History?

From FB group Orange Talk, Jul 11

Rebecca Joy
Has it ever occurred to you that you might be wrong about Dems being socialists?

When someone such as yourself tries to stereotype a group and categorize them into a pigeonhole, it becomes very unproductive to having an intelligent discussion about anything, especially politics.

You fail to take into account that about half the people in this nation are of one political party, and this does *not* mean that that half is evil by definition. We all want what we think is best for us and our nation, and belittling those because they don’t share your opinions doesn’t mean they are all Communists. Remember, Socialism is *not* Communism. I doubt you even know what Socialism is.

Apparently you are too young to have experienced the Communist threat to the Free world, which was what got us into the Vietnam conflict, the first war that we lost.

People who are young had better learn from history, or they are doomed to repeat it. 😱

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