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2022-05-16 Australia Too Much Solar Eating Itself

There are times of the day when rooftop PV solar is generating more power than is being used. The utilities had to pay users to use it and the prices went into the negative. They have to remotely turn off some solar. What I see is that they should build several pumped hydro storage systems

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2022-05-15 Life Cycle GHG Emissions Of Nuclear Power

GHG emissions (g CO2 equivalent / kWh) 25.1 — Extract, enrich and deliver fuel 8.2 — Plant construction 11.6 — Plant operation 9.2 — Spent fuel conditioning and storage 12.0 — Deconstruct plant and reclaim land Since a typical NPP puts out 1000 MW, multiply the above by 1 million to get grams CO2 equivalent

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2022-05-14 Global Warming Causes Heat Wave In India & Pak.

Global warming has already hit India and Pakistan – see graphic. Large areas of 44.5 deg. C and higher – that’s 112 deg. F. – unbelievable! It’s deadly serious – people can’t live in that heat wave!

2022-05-14 Can We Adapt To Heat Waves Altering Our Lives

The article gives historic background you may want to skip. This past week there have been extreme heat waves in western India and Pakistan. Temperatures of 49 deg C or 120 deg F make conditions nearly unliveable. Higher ocean temperatures cause more water to evaporate which then causes more rains and flooding on land. Higher

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Fri 13th; Garden Light Pulses Light Off To Flasher

A neighbor moved a year and a half ago and was throwing out some beat up garden lights, so I salvaged them from the dumpster. They were pretty good ones 7 or so years ago when they were new, but the plastic was aging and brittle. I got a few solar cells and circuit boards

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2022-05-11 How To Charge An EV At Home

Everything you ever wanted to know… This is Part 1 and there is Part 2.


2022-05-12 Biodiesel Particulates Don’t Matter Guterres Quote

It doesn’t matter whether or not biodiesel has particulate matter. What matters is biodiesel and vegetable oils do not put any *new* CO2 into the atmosphere. Global warming has already brought us close to the 1.5 deg. C limit. If it continues, the warming will be 4 deg. C or more by 2100 and most

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2022-05-11 Pakistan, India 120 Deg C Heatwave News

India heatwave caused by climate change. When the temperature is 37 deg. C or 100 deg. F, and the humidity is very high, the body cannot cool itself by evaporation and cannot regulate its temperature, which causes heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hyperthermia and the person will die.

2022-05-11 Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid

NREL and GE develop the system.

2022-05-10 “Batteries Are An Environmental Catastrophe”

Cory Little Said, “.. batteries are an ongoing expense and an environmental catastrophe.” Batteries are heavy, and the cost is a large part of the vehicle. The battery tech is advancing, and the LFP batteries are capable of more than 3000 charge discharge cycles. 300 or more miles per charge times 3000 charges is a

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