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2022-01-19 NM Regulators & Study- Public Owned Electric

It says there are other states that have public owned electric power. What needs to be done is speed up the changeover to renewables and stop burning fossil fuels and, most importantly, stop the utilities from dragging their feet when it comes to the changeover.

2022-01-19 Rheem Proterra Heat Pump Water Heater

This is the future, to eliminate fossil fuel use.

2022-01-19 CATL Batteries Huge Future Demand 400+GWh

There will be a huge demand for batteries in the future according to CATL. They are bringing a huge factory online but the demand will be greater over the next few years. The demand is growing.

2022-01-18 Used And Useful: States Must Enforce – End Waste By Utilities

This opinion article exposes the bad business practices that utilities are guilty of. The electric utilities abuse the ratepayers by passing on their disinformation and bad decisions in the form of increased electricity costs.

2022-01-18 Nuclear Fusion Is Not Needed

It should also be explained that life on Earth depends on the Sun’s photons to make plants grow, to feed life on Earth. Why should humans try (unsuccessfully) for decades to make an artificial Sun when the Real Sun supplies many times as much energy to us every day. For FREE! Nuclear Fusion is *not*

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2022-01-18 Florida: Rooftop Solar Bill & Net Metering

The Utilities are complaining about net metering, that the rooftop solar owners are getting back too much money so the non-solar customers must be charged more to make up for the utilities’ losses. They say this is unfair to non-solar customers. To me, this looks like the utilities have a flawed business model. They should

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2022-01-17 OC Official Antivaxxer Dies Of Covid

This video is about if it’s ethical to use the death of an antivaxxer as an example to make it clear to others that they must get vaccinated. It’s *not* ethical — it’s irresponsible and deadly — to persuade others to not get vaccinated! Our condolences go out to the family of antivaxxers, but there

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2022-01-17 CalPERS Has A Large Position in TSLA Stock

CalPERS, California Public Employees Retirement System, my pension payer, has a sizeable position in Tesla stock. Over a billion, 300 million at its current value of a little over $1000.00.

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Utilities want to stop rooftop solar! Quote: << But Houston, we have a problem. Humanity, in its wisdom, has created utility companies — corporate entities that make money by turning fossil fuels and nuclear energy into electricity and selling it to us for the highest price obtainable. They have converted the greatest public resource of

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