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2021-06-30 Trump False Claim Election Was Fraudulent

This clown won’t give up his Pants On Fire! false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent. RoF guy said, about the election being Fraudulent and Trump is going to be reinstated, “…this is a collective psychosis that has enveloped the Republican Party as we know it. That’s not the group of people you

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2021-06-30 New 142 Megapacks Near Oxnard

Saticoy facility replaces gas peaker plant. There are huge solar and wind farms east of this facility, in Tehachapi. They got rid of a fossil fuel plant.

2021-06-30 Starlink Worldwide In August

Starlink will be available worldwide in August. The terminal costs users $500 but costs SpaceX almost $1300 to make. They are partnering with two mobile carriers to provide backhaul service to remote cell sites.

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2021-06-30 New Solar Is Cheaper To Build Than To Run Existing Coal Plants

Report from BloombergNEF says new solar is cheaper to build than to run existing coal plants in many cou,ntries. Tony Seba’s (RethinkX) prediction was correct.

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2021-06-29 Trump’s War On The EPA – PBS Frontline

This is a horror story. This Frontline episode first aired 2017 Oct 11. << Make the regulated the regulators >> AKA Foxes in charge of the chicken coop. Thank God we got rid of Trump and Scott Pruitt and the EPA can now get back to doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

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2021-06-29 Sodium Ion Batteries

Sodium Ion Batteries are very similar to lithium ion batteries, but sodium is much cheaper. Wikipedia

2021-06-28 Renewable Plus Storage Myths!

From FB group Clark Richards Alex claims with ZERO supporting evidence, “Wind and solar are a joke. In no way, shape or form can those things replace fossil fuels now or in the immediate future!” That is utter nonsense! “Analysis indicates that a network of land based 2.5-megawatt (MW) turbines restricted to nonforested, ice-free, nonurban

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2021-06-27 UHV Line Worker In China

Watch this 4 minute video. Here is some CCP propaganda patting a worker on the back for doing a dangerous job. 660 kV lines in a bundle of six(!) Handling 1/10 of the power of the whole province of Shandong, which has 100 million population. The insulators are huge! Look at those arcs jumping to

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2021-06-26 Solar Panel Recycling Is Inadequate

Article about the ‘dark side of solar.’ More recycling of solar and wind needs to be done to prevent the panels from ending up in landfills. (Harvard Business Review)

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2021-06-25 DoJ Taking New Ga. Election Law To Court ***** It’s difficult to understand how these Trumplicans can break federal laws then claim the federal government is taking away their state rights. The Voting Rights Act was put in place to prevent the kinds of abuses that states were doing in the 1960s. This VRA has has broad bipartisan support for many decades

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