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2021-09-04 Tesla Chip Shortage Solutions

Tesla has developed a workaround for the microcontroller chip shortage. They developed 19 variations of controllers by changing the hardware and software. You can read the text of the video in the description.

2021-09-01 California Dems To Ban ICEVs in 2030

2021-08-31 Cobalt Free Battery Pack Unveiled

<< Cobalt-free batteries come at a welcomed time as the Earth’s stash is limited and is expected to be in short supply by 2026. Other battery manufacturers like Tesla and Panasonic have put their own R&D into cobalt-free battery packs as well and have shared similar progress. >>

2021-08-30 ICEV Sales Peaked In 2016

Comment I made Lee Davies I’m not sure what you mean by the real exponentials. In the US, Tesla’s market share has to pretty much come from eating into sales of new ICEVs because most people old enough to drive already have a car. If Tesla opens Giga Berlin and can sell really cheap cars

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2021-08-25 Dems And Libs Rule With Fear: The Sky Is Falling!

From FB climate change group Geoff Goeggel Said, “Dems and Libs rule with fear: “The sky is falling! We’re all going to die! Unless you all do exactly what we say.” Then you said, “The climate is warming and some of it is man-made. Okay, but it is not gonna kill us.” I think you’ve

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2021-08-18 Robotic Delivery on Sidewalks

These small delivery vehicles are used in some areas of Silicon Valley. They have a number of advantages as told in the study. The savings on fossil fuels makes good sense. One disadvantage that I see is the customers would not keep enough food on hand and be dependent on the delivery system.

2021-08-17 PHEVs More Sophisticated Than BEVs

From TSLA Shareholders FB group. I think most here have no clue of what makes a PHEV work. It’s much more sophisticated than a BEV. It has everything a BEV has including a way to integrate the engine’s output with the battery and electric motors’ output. As in the BEV, the motors also act as

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2021-08-17 Laser Hydride Film Stores Hydrogen

This company called Plasma Kinetics has developed a thin film that can store hydrogen at the same volume as a 5000 PSI cylinder but lighter, and lighter than batteries. The medium can be very thin film or disks. The hydrogen is released by shining a laser onto the film. Because the hydrogen does not have

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2021-08-17 BEV Fires Take 40x More Water

I got in a disagreement with a guy about how dangerous hydrogen powered vehicles are. He claimed hydrogen vehicles are more dangerous than lithium batteries. I cited the fires that were occurring in Chevy Bolts recently. So here’s an article that “adds more fuel to the fire” on how dangerous BEVs are. Hydrogen burns but

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2021-08-10 Tesla Environmental, Social Governance Impact Report

Quote: << The very purpose of Tesla’s existence is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. In light of this mission, we are excited to publish our second annual Impact Report. >>

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